Ashley Outreach

Promoting our Green Values

The Ashley Companies values have grown over the years to incorporate sustainability values. As the world becomes ever more connected and information more readily accessible, we see daily the effects on our planet of waste and greenhouse gases leading to irreparable damage to delicate ecosystems and global warming. We are committed to do our part through environmentally conscious development, sustainable rehabilitation of existing assets and “green” operations across our portfolio.

We believe that by reducing the environmental impact of our communities will lower operating costs, enhance the quality of life for our residents, and maximize value. Our goal is to seek more than just financial performance. We desire to make an impact through a return on our values that not only will positively affect our people but also our residents.

To accomplish this goal, The Ashley Companies has implemented sustainability objectives for our portfolio of communities. We encourage our residents to contribute to our duty to help all to enjoy green living environments. The idea is to make it easy for residents to contribute to sustainability without having to make a special effort; to create communities designed to make living and thinking green so easy and intuitive that it becomes second nature.

While the knowledge that what we are doing makes a measurable difference in saving energy, reducing costs and improving our communities is important, it is particularly gratifying to see our residents get excited about embracing green initiatives. For many, it is the first time that they have participated in efforts and programs that have previously been available only to homeowners.

Featured Areas of Our Green Initiative

Energy Reduction

ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, energy efficient lighting, ceiling fans, programmable thermostats, exterior lighting controls and HVAC upgrades.

Water Conservation

High performance faucets, showerheads and toilets. Sub-metering and resident utility billing to lower usage and waste.


All of our communities have made significant progress in their waste service levels through recycling and by reducing the number of weekly trash pickups.

Our Office

At our corporate offices, our team is encouraged to find new ways to do business that represent our commitment to sustainability.

A Greener Working Environment

Our corporate office has a recycling program for copier paper. Vendors we conduct business with are encouraged to submit their invoices electronically, which reduces paper and mailing costs. Most purchasing for our communities is now done online, which streamlines tracking and payment as well as mitigates the use of paperwork and checks. By implementing these new processes into our everyday work, The Ashley Companies is building a more sustainable corporate model of efficiency.

Our Operations

Company efforts are not just centered on new construction and rehabilitation. We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our existing communities by operating in a cost-effective, sustainable manner. For example, we recently implemented an online rent payment system to do away with the inefficient and wasteful method of collecting rent. In addition, wherever possible, we try to use electronic means for invoicing or providing notifications to residents.

A Greener Place to Live

A commitment to green living is holistic approach that requires everyone to pitch in including our management, employees, residents and vendors every step of the way. At The Ashley Companies, we view sustainability as a work in progress and strive to refine our programs and increase our efforts to enhance the quality of life for our residents, employees, and make an impact in the neighborhoods where we operate.